Monday, February 4, 2013

Dude, You're Welcome!

Stampin' Up! introduced a great new product at Leadership Conference - called Dude, You're Welcome!

The kit  was designed for "real" men to make cards - and I knew that my husband Rich really "needed" one of these kits - so I ordered one for him...... and gave it to him ...... and asked him to create a video ..............and he did!!! And here it is .................. 

I think he did a great job, don't you??  I must say, I didn't know he knew how to open our ink pads!

 Leave him a comment and let him know what you think of his video and card! 

Of course, this kit was designed for"dudes" but I think it's great for women when we want to create cards for the "dudes"  in ours lives !!

The kit contains everything a "dude"  needs to create cards - Basic Gray Ink, Four different stamps, Envelopes, Post Cards, Instructions (lol!) and a "real men build cards" sticker!

All this for $24.95

If you want to order this kit for yourself, or the "dudes" in your life, head on over to my online store

item code #132807 

Here's one of my favorite pictures of Rich - doing what he'd rather "bee" doing - riding his bike!

Thanks Rich for being a good sport!! 

I love you and I love the card you made for me!  XXOO!!


  1. Good Job!!! I am impressed (exp. the part about the instructions!)

  2. Great video - very typical male reaction. Loved what he did with the instructions! the best part is that he figured out how to tell Laura twice that he loved her!!

  3. WOO HOO Rich! The pressure is on...John saw it too and he will be making a video response... of course, now that he's seen the contents, he has an edge...LOL... Great card, "built" by a great guy! See you in FIJI!

  4. Nice job, Rich!!! You beat me making a video. Guess I'll have to step up my game. Keep up the good work!!! WOO HOO!!! :-D

  5. Great job Rich! Isn't it nice to know that your Valentine's card is already done?

  6. All those years in theatre, Richie, or is it all those years as a lawyer - most likely, the latter! Anyways - good job!

    Mary Lou

  7. Brian Pilling better watch out. Here come's Rich Milligan! Great video and lucky Laura...