Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Grandma's Valentines

I have a collection of Vintage Valentines - most of which I found at various antique shows and antique shops.  My favorite, however, are Valentines that were my Grandma Nellie Carr's.

Here are a couple of them -


These are postmarked 1909 - and have a 1 cent stamp -

Sadly, I can't read all of them because the writing has faded so much, but this one is cute - it is from Grandma's friend, "Nettie" asking her if she received another Valentine from "Jay" - I don't know who Jay is, but he isn't my Grandpa!  Must have been a beau before she met and married my Grandpa!!

I LOVE these Valentines and they make me so happy to have them and get them out every year!

And I have to share this Valentine - I bought this one several years ago because it reminded me of my twin niece and nephew, Ted and Samantha - it looks soooo much like them when they were little! Love this! 

And these are some of my favorites from my collection -

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