Thursday, July 18, 2013

And the Winner Is

Thanks for your comments and emails about the card I posted on Sunday.  I have it stamped and ready to take with me to Salt Lake City - so, I put the names on slips of paper and pulled one name .....

Denise S. 

So Denise, you can expect the card next week some time!!

Again, thanks for all of your emails and comments - it was fun to read them all!

Probably by the time you read this, I will be on my way to Salt Lake City for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Stampin' Up! 

This year marks the start of my 14th year as a demonstrator! Wow, that is hard to believe. 

I have some posts scheduled for while I am gone, and if I can, I will post from convention!

So stay tuned!!

Today I wanted to share with you something fun that my friend Rene' made for me - we had seen this one day when we were together shopping some of our favorite "vintage" shops - of course I thought it was pretty  neat, given my love of bees!! 

Well, Rene' went back to the shop later that day and bought this for me - she painted and stained the holder and added the little crown to give it a vintage feel.  I love it!!!

Thanks for stopping by today. 

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