Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekend With Anna and Weekly Deals

 Had a wonderful weekend with my daughter, Anna!  She lives in Memphis and it is pretty far (too far!) away - I miss her so much and was excited to plan a last minute trip to visit her!!!

And I always love Mom and Daughter time with my girls!  We had so much fun - Anna works for Youth Villages and we attended their big fundraiser, called Soup Sunday.  It was held at the big Fex Ex center where the Memphis Grizzlies play - huge facility - which they needed for the huge crowd that attended!  Very well organized, and successful event!  And a TON of fun!

We got to sample yummy, yummy food - soup, nachos (since we were in Memphis, I sampled nachos with bbq pork - wow were they good!) , breads and dips, pasta, salads, sweets, and more. 

We kept running into these clowns and even though Anna doesn't really like clowns, she posed for this picture -

too cute!

We did some shopping too - and when we walked out of one store we met this HUGE dog, named Gunnie!  So we did a photo op with him, too!!  

He was more like a horse than a dog!

There are some great restaurants in Memphis - and we tried several of them - and they were all yummy!

Also spent some time adding some decorations to Anna's apartment - it is already really cute, but we wanted to do something with one big white wall - and here's what we came up with -

She calls it her wall of A - I call her the wall of "A"wesomeness! We thought it would be fun to keep a lookout for more of these letter A's , to keep adding to the wall! 

Hated to leave her, but I left with a glow in my heart from some great days spent with my girl..... and am already looking forward to my next visit!   Love you, Anna!!  

Weekly Deals for this week -


Thanks for stopping by today and letting me share about my weekend!!

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