Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My Heart is Full

 I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a local non-profit organization last week.  The organization was  Pathway, Caring for Children - their vision statement is to provide compassionate care for children and families. 

I worked specifically with youth in the Independent Living program.  Most of these children have grown up in foster care or have been recently adopted.  Of course, when a foster child turns 18, they can no longer be a part of foster care.  The Independent Living Program strives to help them prepare for life beyond foster care.  The kids are taught to cook, clean, balance a checkbook - things like that.   Pathway contacted me to help raise funds for their Creative Employment group.  I suggested a fundraiser so that we could get some stampin' supplies for them.  They had hoped to get enough to start a card making business.  And thankfully, we were able to do that and more!  I also wanted to give the kids a chance to have a leadership role in the event. 

I met with the kids last week and taught them how to stamp.  What fun!  Most of them had never stamped before - and it was heartwarming to see the magic that happens the first time someone stamps. 

At the event, the kids were the teachers - they taught the  guests how to re-create the stampin' projects.  They did a fantastic job - And it wasn't just girls who did the teaching - we actually had more boys than girls participate!  They were wonderful - and I told them that I could clearly see some future teachers amongst them! 

We were able to raise enough money to provide them with all the supplies they need to create Christmas cards - (and have already gotten an order from Pathway for over 100 cards!) and some extra supplies as well.  They are going to be busy!

It was a wonderful experience!  I am so thankful to have gotten to know these kids and an truly looking forward to going back and stampin' with them again soon!

Our local newspaper covered this story - if you want to read more about the fundraiser and Pathway -

 Read Article Here

 I can't show the faces of kids for privacy reasons, but here are a few photos that I can share!  You can see the kids teaching! 

 Lots of smiles! It was a wonderful. It was my pleasure and joy to get to spend time with these kids and truly, my heart is full - so proud of them, and so thankful to get to share something that I love so much with them!  One boy even said he wanted to someday work for Stampin' Up!  How sweet is that?

Hope you all have a great day and as always, thanks for visiting! 


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